Artistic linking of the "Genetic Blue Stone" in origin and contemporary existence in Africa and Brazil (the Americas) suggest a self-perpetuating, hereditary connection between the creative beginnings, struggles, and ongoing strivings of our culturally plural humanity. Africa and the Americas forged on common subterrainian layers, bonded through colors and spirits of history, and visions of better tomorrows, should help focus our vision of this creative project. Yet the projection of aesthectic and philosophical connections of this historical geology into our present and future possibilities makes me, foremost, mindful of the origins of human life in Africa, the crucible of African slavery in the Americas, contributing to Brazil as the most populous African-descended nation after Nigeria. In our collaboration we must always be mindful that we are grounded in this world, in our immediate geographical and social and cultural relations of struggle and solidarity, to the wre! tched conditions of the masses of the populations of Africa, the Americas, under uninspiring, exploitative and oppressive economic regimes that increasingly condition and define global existence and humanity. Our exploration of beauty and generative power associated with the Genetic Blue Stone must be situated in the dreams, visions, aspirations and daily initiatives of the multitudes against imposed conditions designed above all to stymie their creative powers and seach for beauty, truth, and justice. The desperate state of women under war in Africa, the global trade in children and women, the suicidal measures of Palestinians under brutal military occupation and denial of their homeland, the discrimination against and pillage of the lands of Indigenous peoples even as their cultural expressions are commodified, the downtroddened plight of Argentineans watching their accomplishments and dreams crumble under the insatiable and rapacious desires of greed! y Capitalists, the death-fear of Israeli Jewish civilians under constant bomb threats, the fight against racism and other intolerances, all circumscribed by the triumphal division of the globe by military might into the "Civilized" and "Uncivilized," into "The Good" and "The Evil":---represent the all-too-many mundane touchstones against which the poetic vision, hope, and promise of the Genetic Blue Stone must serve as a foundation for fostering, nurturing, and bringing into fruition the creativity of six and one-half billion beings to make a new and just world.