Kátia Canton is a writer, art critic, professor, and curator of the University of São Paulo's Museu de Arte Contemporânea.

Ary Perez and Denise Milan seek wholeness. Their work results from the overlapping of diverse careers that meld into a commitment to carry an instigating and continual research to new limits. It involves the study of interdisciplinary issues that yield creation by combining art, nature, and science. The work has sprung from the individual careers of Perez and Milan, whose research includes public art, geometry, rocks and ores, and theories about the formation of the universe. In their quest for infinitude of shapes, the artists began with the work America's Courtyard, a series of Brazilian stone slabs arranged into three concentric rows like an arena theater. In a later presentation of this work first shown in Chicago, they reorganized it into spiral designs that replicated the Milky Way. Perez and Milan pursue a myriad of formal combinations through which to allude to the multiple possibilities of tracking and recombining life. These works are games of art and life. The whole that Denise Milan and Ary Perez seek suspends the fixed time/space relationship to float in a universe that yearns for awareness and freedom.