Denise Milan

Amefrica, a sculptoric continent, celebrates Nature's creation process by focusing continental landmasses movement prior to and post-civilization. It is the summoning of stones from the Brazilian subsoil, jointly rendered to Brasília grounds to send us back to our origins. The stones bring forth the most powerful strength from subterranean matrixes – known at times, at times forgotten. They endow next generations with records of Earth's archaic and future vestiges.

While observing the stone to its microcosmos, the crystal cell (the scientific term used for the crystalline core unit, found in most stones in the universe), here portrayed as The Fundamental Cell of the Creation Process, can be found. The stone conceptualizes Amefrica, which invertsthe geographic axis it is aligned with in Brasilia, to point towards a new direction for Brazil.

Amefrica is expressed through scenographic allegories that depict a geologic phenomenon with flashes of the dramaticity and fertility of the Earth. It presentifies a moment when the continents were bound together to shape one single nation. In Amefrica the sides that had been set apart contemplate the birth of consciousness made stronger. Dislodged from oceanic subterrain, the backbone of the Earth rises to bring to the eye the vision of similitude between the nature of Earth and the nature of Man. A dialogue starts between them, and a step towards the evolution of human nature is proposed.

To the South of the sculptoric continent fragments of the once submersed meso-Atlantic ridge can be found, with its volcanic masses that shaped a whole new expression of matter: basalt and amethysts.

The section Silicate Stars in Basaltic Night Fragments tells us something about germination in the cosmic and artistic mineral kingdom. Amethysts, ingrained in toleitic basalt, are the flag bearer of stone civilization long pilgrimage, symbolizing the moments of celestial embryos fecundation.

To the North, Sidereal Volcanism divides and reorganizes terrestrial matter, while showing usthe reintegration process for Africa and America.

Matter structure has already been configured, all parts defined. Elevations resemble basalt tetrahedra, leaving in the air the insinuation of an ending and new beginnings

.In the center, as in a baptismal setting, among others, The Blue Stone Egg can be found, with its visionary look that brings the continents closer. The proposal is to lead peoples to a reintegration with their roots, so their life will be in harmony with their nature. It is not a pre-civilizatory, purity stage; but rather, a re-conquest of the primordial state, where instincts, feelings, intuitions, aspirations, and sensations are latent and in effervescence.

There is a moment posterior to the emergence of Western civilization when all and every guiding behavior was detected and discarded, humiliatingly.

The stronger reason for humankind to be in our planet – which germinates in this egg – does not ignore the pathways civilization made men tread. An integral part of their awareness, it manages to address forgetfulness and is reborn as the embryo for a new possibility of existence on Earth.