I understand my work as a crystalline process. His/her formation is similar to the one of the drusa; out, his/her configuration is amorphous, of indefinite matter, without structure; inside, his/her form if it turns crystalline, êle is organized apartir of a structure tetraédrica. I believe that the crystalline process is a movement of the chaos to the order, and also of the order to the chaos.

As the tetraedro, the crystalline process possesses four aspects:

. desestrutura crystallizations

. it is lucid

. it is transformer

. it is vital

The crystal is translucent, trans - here he/she suggests transformation, while lucid it is the way to work with the reality. To be crystalline is to have the ability to transform through the lucidity, until the point of discovering the symbolic.

The crystalline structure is part of the structure of the universe; it is for that that the crystal can become trained sôbre the cosmic movement and the harmony. In the same process, what is repressed - as the disorganized elements of the skin of the drusa - it will be revealed, through the artistic metamorphosis; êles are organized, êles become crystalline.