Part of Opera of Stones installation
SESC Pinheiros, 2006, São Paulo, Brazil
SESC Araraquara, 2007, São Paulo, Brazil
SESC Santo André, 2008, São Paulo, Brazil
12 amethyst geodes

Denise Milan’s “Petreous Beings” installation took shape only after several years searching for human shaped amethysts in Brazilian caves.
The humanity that Milan sees in the stones has being recurring in her speech for almost 30 years, and its present in her artistic artworks, in public art, videos, recitals and opera.
This installation had its first participation inside the Opera of Stones Project, realized by the Social Service of Commerce of Sao Paulo (SESC-SP) in the units of Pinheiros in 2005, Araraquara in 2006 and Santo Andre in 2007.
Never before a collection of amethyst sculptures revealed the richness and the fantastic life that emerge from Brazilian undergrounds. The public participates with the contemplation of the stones that are admired as imaginary goddesses or are touched in its forms and crystals revealing the real treasure of its geometry, geological formation and splendor that catches your eye.
“Petreous Beings” is an installation composed by 12 amethyst geodes formed over 220 million years ago, with different shapes and heights that resemble the human form.