Stone Mandala

The installation Stone Mandala was conceived for the exhibit “Into the Realm of Love and Forgiveness: The Language of Stones". Presented at the Palazzo del Monte Frumentario, in the city of Assisi, Italy, the show was part of the Global Gathering 2012, realized by the Fetzer Institute.

The Institute donated the artwork to Assisi during the opening of the exhibit, in a gesture of gratitude for the city in receiving the event and for being a place which history inspired the message promoted by the Fetzer.

"I hope that people who have the opportunity of seeing the Mandala can absorb the representative construction of love and forgiveness that St. Francis preached. This Mandala has a very important role for being donated by the Fetzer to the city of Assisi, not only for me as an artist, but for the meaning that it brings, reaching its maximum potential through the place where it will be installed – the Piazza Santa Maria degli Angeli." – Denise Milan

About the artwork
Materials: White and pink limestones from Umbria, Bahía's sodalite
Dimension: 2,6 m (diameter)
Cut and assemblage: Enrico Pettirossi
Where the artwork will be placed
The permanent installation will be realized at the Piazza Santa Maria degli Angeli, in front of Assisi's Lyric Theatre.
Donation acceptance letter transcription, sent to Fetzer Institute's president at the time, Lawrence Sullivan
"City of Assisi
Seraphic City
The Mayor
21 December 2012

I want to thank you, in a deeply felt way, for the Global Gathering: The Pilgrimage of Love and Forgiveness last September. This was a moment of great enrichment which Assisi has had the prestigious honor to host.

In my own name, and in the name of the institutions I represent, and on behalf of the entire city, I express to you and to your esteemed colleagues of the Fetzer Institute the deep sense of vivid and sincere gratitude felt for the prestigious gift, which we take as a concrete act of love toward the Seraphic City, of the artwork “Stone Mandala" by the artist Denise Milan. The artwork will be fully installed by this coming March".

While we look forward to our next encounter, please receive, together with all those in the Institute over which you preside, the very best greetings and wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Claudio Ricci

The sculpture was installed in November, 2014.