Special Edition Release of “Cadernos Sesc de Cidadania” Magazine

The SESC and Denise Milan is pleased to announce the release of the special edition of the series of publications “Cadernos Sesc de Cidadania, Arte e Ação Comunitária”, focusing on art education project initiated by Denise Milan in Heliopolis community in partnership with a specialized team of teachers and the support and encouragement of the leaders and teachers of the site. The evolution and developments of this project, which is in its sixth year, are detailed in this publication of SESC, which also includes analysis and reflections of thinkers and scientists like Tom Lovejoy, Jerome Friedman, Vladimir Bulovic e Laura Greenhalgh.


Read in this magazine:

> draw a parallel between the transformations undergone by the rocks and human lives
> using art to stimulate citizenship
> Experts discuss the art spaces on education in the 21st Century
> Intervention in Heliopolis community illustrates the preciousness of life
> The trajectory of Denise Milan, one of the pioneers in the Brazilian public art, combines environment and art


Cadernos Sesc de Cidadania - Magazine (open PDF in another page)