2016 - ConCentration

The Defined Obsession

Concentric are the circles that have a common center. Concentration is the search for that harmony midpoint between different circles. Denise Milan is a highly intuitive artist. She goes to nature seeking a shape that remains in the obsession of her eye. This exhibition reveals from the pursuit for concentricity in her geological research to how the artist relates to the forms of nature.

This encounter with Denise Milan took place to uncover something that was already contained in her work but had not yet gained any interpretation. Her search to find symmetry in natural forms, to depict imaginary lines in which they were already enhanced, to find complementary shapes in unlikely objects is shown at this exhibition. Finding this fit between the defined obsession and the universe’s chaotic nature is something that requires an unusual concentration.

The link between natural supply and the geometry of the look is the subject that unites these works, which gain structure in various media - some natural, others explicitly artificial. We decided to bring together works from different periods and media, exactly for recognizing an authorial line in them that allows capturing this similarity by a formal search. Forms that always present a kind of lost center we all seek to find again.

Concentration is drops for the eyes in an era full of eccentrics, dispersion and blur. The center’s rigor rescues a sense of direction very different from the spirit of our time. Although the time of the contemporary eye is diametrically opposed to the geological one in which these works were developed, they still have an amazing ability to slow down our inner time, perhaps the true strength that art can still perform in the world today.

Curadoria [curated by]: Marcello Dantas