DENISE MILAN / Petrophagia



Savor the stone,
sample its secrets,
reveal its ingredients,
taste its innards,
gnaw on its origins…

Are you ready to channel wisdom from life?
Abandon what you were
to become what you will be.

Facing impermanence,
new agreements:
organic turns inorganic
one cycle ends, another begins.

To disappear or to evolve?

What doesn’t reinvent itself
Turns to dust

To survive, matter flows…

…we are reborn.


Denise Milan


Petrophagia poem and the Earth Banquet


Earth Banquet, 2021

Earth Banquet, 2021
Photo: Courtesy Ricardo Queiroz / Usina de Arte, Pernambuco, Brazil



Overcoming impediments, the ‘Banquet of the Earth’ came to break the isolation of our times, to feed our souls and to bring humans together around the same planetary table.

A table is a signifier, a place that welcomes a form of engagement like no other: it is an invitation to taste minerals, chew on our origins, digest this knowledge and radically transform our perception of Nature.

Earth Banquet expresses the urgency of aligning ourselves collectively and becoming aware of our role as beings that belong to the human family that participates of the fantastic adventure of creation in Earth.