Denise Milan


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Denise Milan, born in São Paulo, 1954, Brazil, is a sculptor and artist with a large multidisciplinary background. She uses the stone as her creative axis, executing works in the fields of public art, sculpture, performing arts, poetry, printing and video-art .Her works have been exhibited in several renowned institutions. In São Paulo, she participated in the International Biennial, Museum of Modern Art (MASP), Gallery São Paulo, Gallery Nara Roesler, Millan Gallery ,Lume Gallery and the São Paulo Museum of Contemporary Art . In London, her work was shown at the Barbican Center; In New York at P.S.1 and Art in General; in Hannover at the EXPO 2000; in Osaka at the EXPO 90; in Hakone at the Open-Air Museum; in Chicago at the Cultural Center, at the Museum of the Contemporary and the Arts Institute; in Paris at the Galerie D'Architecture; in Assis at the Palazzo del Monte Frumentario; in Washington D.C, at the Wilson Center.
She is one of the leaders for the Public Art movement in Brazil and an active member both domestically and internationally. Created and directed the Opera of Stones ,a contemporary Opera and a an art education Project Engage Earth with anual parades with children and teenagers , foccusing the integration of men wit his city and Earth.

She also created, with Ary Perez, seven memorable public sculptures: "Drusa" at the Vale do Anhangabaú in São Paulo, "Ventre da Vida" at the Hospital das Clínicas Station of the Underground in São Paulo, "Furo no Espaço" "Sectiones Mundi" at the Museum of Contemporaty Art, "Palas Atenas" at the Museum of Modern Art, at the campus of the São Paulo University, "Tempos de Cura" at the Albert Einstein Hospital, and "America's Courtyard" at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.

Denise integrates performances on her permanent installations and in landmark places ,as in her installation "Redenção do Pelourinho" in the State of Bahia, "Genetic Blue Stone" at the Kennedy Art Center in Washington D.C. , in "Améfrica" at the Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil in Brasília and in the “Mandala of Stones” in Piazza del Angeli (Assise).Her artistic manifestations , integrates humans to art and nature.

The discovery of open codes as a fundament of Denise Milan's artistic expression is the solution that the artist has devised to balance off the polarization between existential and the XXIst-century issues - the metaphysical path traced by an individual before the contemporary world that surrounds him.