Manuela Mena, Art Historian

Director of the Department of Seventeenth CenturySpanish Painting and Goya at the Prado Museum.

Dear Denise,

I see it as a very fortunate idea, and I feel it can be very successful.

I am aware the idea of religion is important, especially now, when religious wars are back. Well, actually, warfare as an essential part of human beings, have always religious wars.

Religion is man´s irrational side, although very impportant, because it is what gives human beings their true identity, and something one cannot easily renounce for. It also acts as the flag that unites all at war or in defense. Although an agnostic myself, when I see Christ´s feet trespassed by those nails I believe in Him, in a natural way.When looking at a Christ, Norman feels his Jewish blood revolving, and would like to believe – but he cannot.

All this is brought forth on account of the work title: Earth Altar – which is befitting.

Although I must say I am not very fond of anything that reminds me of religion.

Religion sets us apart. Genetics brings us together: Embracing Unity, Blue unity, Blue stone symbol and Symbol of Unity.