1989 – 20º Sao Paulo Biennial, Curator João Cândido Galvão, Sectiones Mundi

20rd Sao Paulo Biennial
Permanent installation "Sectiones Mundi"
Sculptures Panoram
Sulpture Garden Modern Art Museum – MAM
Curator for Special Events, João Candido Galvão
Ary Perez, Co-Author
São Paulo, Brazil


A section of the world. The labyrinth. The search. The Minotaur. The mystery. There are no more Ariadnes. Each one must produce his own thread. Look for the way in. Risk. RISK is in my view, the essence of this permanent installation by Denise Milan. This, in two ways. In the first place, there is danger. The courage necessary to challenge well-established concepts. The courage to create a work not to be exhibited, but to be - one day - concealed by the plants in the Ibirapuera Park. It is a work to be used - as seat or table -, not to be looked at from the outside.
This is a risk also in the sense of mark: a line which inserts itself in the landscape, not by deforming it, but by embodying the intervention of the artist who works in consonance with the vital forces.
The shape: The Round Table. The Holy Grail. The Communion. Whence each of the chosen sets out in his quest. At the end, in the centre, awaits each one's Minotaur. Denise Milan faced her challenge, submitted herself to the test. For the Minotaur that corresponds to each one of us is our deep self, the inhabitant of those dark regions which we avoid exploring. Denise Milan dared, and emerged enriched by the experience.

João Cândido Galvão
Art critic and curator.