Denise Milan was invited to take her work to the most important parallel event of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Marrakesh (COP 22), held in Marrakesh, Morocco, from November 11 - 18. The great challenge of COP 22 is to find common methods and establish rules to implement the Paris Accord, signed by 194 countries, which aims to neutralize net carbon emissions by 2050. In this context, Denise Milan will create an artistic proposal based on the presence of ammonite, petrified fossil of beings that disappeared along with the dinosaurs, and that is easily found in the Marrakesh markets. For the artist,

"ammonite bears witness to a thriving geological age of challenges in relation to sustainability that continues to exist today. In my artistic conception, at this moment in which we are entering a new geological age, the Anthropocene, this ammonite is a testimony of extinct lives, it is a warning sign, it suggests a direction."

The Oceanic Wind emerges as a symbol of unity for the 21st century.


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