DENISE MILAN / Celebrating 25 Years of Americas' Courtyard, 2023


25 Years Americas' Courtyard at Adler Planetarium, Chicago

Shot & Edited James Choi


Americas' Courtyard, in front of the Adler Planetarium, 2023

Americas' Courtyard, in front of the Adler Planetarium, 2023
Photo by Barry Butler


Midsummer Celebration June 21, 2023, at Adler Planetarium

The solstice marks the official beginning of the astronomical summer, it is the day in the northern hemisphere with the longest period of light of the year and it is when the apparent path of the Sun is furthest north of the equator. Thus, the Sun appears to reach its highest point in the sky during the year. The summer solstice in the northern hemisphere occurs when the Earth's north pole is most tilted towards the Sun. A heavenly event at the Adler Planetarium as we welcome a very special guest during Adler At Night.

Brazilian artist Denise Milan, who co-created with Ary Perez the sculpture Americas' Courtyard south of the planetarium, will be on-site to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her work depicting the passage of the Sun through the seasons.

Photos and videos coming soon!